4 different white Deuha porcelain vases

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Set of 4 matt white biscuit vases. Inspired by the antique “biscuit style” ceramics, this set of funky looking vases are anything but old fashioned. The beautiful and decorative set of  four vases is made of a luxurious quality Dehua porcelain and has a pure matte white finish. Whether you place them in a group or as a stand-alone, they look gorgeous with or without a flowery accent.

* Dimensions vases: Ø 4.5" H 9" / Ø 3.5" x H 10" / Ø 6" x H 8.5" / Ø 3.5" x H 7"
* Material: luxury quality Deuha porcelain
* Color: white
* Remarks: waterproof / set of 4 different vases
* Order quantity unit: 2